Fishing Reports

Tying Flies and rigging
2/24/2020 - Captain D
We have been working on new Flys and Meat rigs for the spring. We are now using the Bay Rat Lures Pack-Rat meat heads. New heads with unbreakable plastic. I just happen to know a guy with some knowledge of plastic.... We worked for about a year on getting the formula correct on what type of plastic to use. We nailed it. Purple Taco is where I have been purchasing our fly tying materials, they have all kinds of Mylar. We are making some 3" flys for the meat rigs and using some Hoochie King squids as well. I will share some pictures in the following weeks on social media about what we are tying up. Keep checking back. Spring cant get here fast enough. Tight lines everyone !!

1' or less my duppa
6/8/2019 - Captain D
Started in 170 fow just west of Wilson. second rod down went off like a bomb. 18 lbs, steady pick on spoons , meat was bit slow at first then kicked in. Divers were so so,got big hits but couldn't seal the deal with them. Got rough about 9 ish and continued to build out of the East North to about 4-5 footers and that was about enough they could take. 300 copper down the Chute schwached a couple nice ones before we decided to leave. 95 down meat, and 45 ' and 75 ' riggers were best. speed 2.4 2.5 then screaming 2.8 2.9

Which way to go
6/1/2019 - Captain D
We had a couple days off and really weren't sure which direction to head out of port. We headed north out to 190 fow , found some nice green color and decided to head west. It didn't take long to get this train a rollin....multiple quad and triple hook ups on medium fish to 15 lbs. Decided to run things a bit deeper and wow..freight trains down deeper. Ed , Rena and crew had their hands full with 140 deep rigger and 400 coppers. Biggest was 18lbs for the day. We just couldn't keep the monsters hooked up. 270 FOW , west troll seemed best for us.... Ran out of Zip lock bags at cleaning ones fault but Captain...hahahaha Spoons on 60 and 75 foot riggers Two Fave uv glow and Yachtsman were on fire. Thanks Randy for first mating today !!

Buffalo Sabres Alumni Charity Event
5/29/2019 - Captain D
We were invited to participate in the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Charity fishing event held out of Olcott Harbor. We had the pleasure of fishing with some great Buffalo Bills players, Carl Bryum, David White and Marlo Perry. These guys were absolutely hysterical to fish with !! ball - busting 101 laugh a minute. Couldn't hook anything big , lots of small fish 8-12 lbs. Fished in 180 fow to 225 fow

Family Fun Day
5/26/2019 - Captain D
Mom and the Kids joined me for some well needed family time. You guessed it , we went fishing.. Lost a net trying to clear rods for a big king....lost a deep rigger rod ..same fish, but got the rigger rod back in a stroke of good luck. Another rod caught the rigger rod and saved it. Nothing like stress free fishing hahahahaha Highlite of morning was Sophia coming in to win family tournament with a 23lb king on a 100' deep rigger on a Uncle Casey's Meat Rig

Great Day for fishing ....but not for us
5/21/2019 - Captain D
We had a struggle most of the morning keeping the fish hooked up...went 3 for 9 bites. Then later in morning we started to keep them hooked and landed some nice fish. We had a multiple boat trip today, we were one of the lower catch rate boats.... Uncle Casey once told me " Some days your the bug and some days your the Windshield" .. you get were I'm going I hope. Ended with 9 fish. Meat caught some fish, spoons did the rest.

MAG Atlantic Salmon
5/19/2019 - Captain D
Caught a few nice kings today , but high lite was a Huge Atlantic Salmon on a 150 copper with a Geezer Spoon off the boards. 34 1/2 " long..... This one is probably going to be sent to Tri-State Taxidermy for a replica mount. Paul Czarnecki does some of the prettiest fish we have ever seen. If you want to remember it Call Paul for a mount or replica !!

Kings and Lakers
5/18/2019 - Captain D
Fish are located East Of Wilson towards Olcott. Red barn area. Riggers with spoons -Oscar, Yachtsman and Frost Bite have been good. Bay Rat LXD on Five colors and clean mono have been taking about o 1/3 of the fish. Glow Dew Pearl and Wonderbread tops for us

July walleyes
7/29/2018 - Captain D
We have been extremely fortunate to have this walleye fishing last so long and so close to shore. There are fish in 35 to 75 feet of water right now. With the water slowly warming, we have had to adjust our presentations from clean stick baits to 2oz . We have also shifted from 30 jets to 40's. The small prototype spoons from Bay Rat Lures have been excellent. Sticks , we run them out 30 ft clip on a 2oz sinker and let them back 150 total. The 40 jets are rigged with about 9' leader and small spoons or Bay Rat S3' plugs. Trolling speed has been as slow as 2.0 to 3.0 again depends on day.

Walleyes and Walleyes and More walleyes First two weeks of July
7/1/2018 - Captain D
Fishing is as good as it could possible be right now. Most of Eries Premier Charter Captains are catching limits of Walleyes right now. These fish have been hitting Bay Rat LXD's 160 back on boards, 30 Jet Divers ( color doesn't matter) with 6-8' leads off jet to small spoons. Dipsey divers set on a #3 setting back 85 to 110 feet ( braid Divers) . We have been fishing in 30-42 feet of water. Most these fish are 16-20" class, with a few bigger fish each trip , some up to 10lbs. Hoping this fishing continues like this into the fall !! Thanks Captain D

Beach Walleyes
6/17/2018 - Captain D
Went Walleye Near shore fishing Sunday around noon. Started in 22-24 feet of water. We set up with a four rod spread consisting of two Bay Rat Lures Battle MD's and two Short deeps on the other side. Both sides back 140'. Didn't take long for the first hookup , MD's did first fish. we trolled about 3/4 of a mile , had 8 in the cooler. Turned northwards and moved in 30-32' feet of water. Decided to try to find a larger size of fish on the bottom. Changed to Bay Rat Lures LXD's on both sides, two clean and two with 2 Color leadcore line. And again , both sides kept hooking up. Unfortunately could not find larger fish, wonder if we started with this deeper program earlier, if it would have been same results. Best colors were Chester , Emerald Shiner, Cedar Point and Bronze Shad. Off the water by 1:30 Loads of fish right now. We offer evening trips for $130.00 per person 1-2 man trip on the Crestliner. If you here on business or vacation, evenings right now are just as hot as day Morning trips.

Offshore with guys for Erie PA
5/29/2018 - Captain D
Worked off shore in about 300 plus today. Bite was Okay but not fast and furious. Had bites pretty much all day with no specific pattern. 5 colors with Dreamweaver SS caught a couple. Mag spoons on the rigger and a 300 copper were probably the best. Winds progressively got worse thru the day E NE , ended with 2-3 ft waves and building.

Salmon in Wilson
5/27/2018 - Captain D
We started out with high expectations for Sunday. Well, fishing was less than stellar for us. We just couldn't seem to find hungry fish that liked us. Other Captains did okay. Sounded like 150 and 200 coppers were the ticket. We just couldn't get them to go. Riggers down 30-50 with spoons worked the best for us. Ended the morning with 7 for 15 hits Calm waters and sun today.

Corey, Nick and Chris first salmon trip
5/20/2018 - Captain D
Had three guys who never experienced Lake Ontario Salmon fishing. I hope you can see where this is going. We set up Northwest of most other boats form Wilson Harbor fleet. Our water depth to start was 305'. Top temp was 44 and down temp was 43. Nice pocket of water to start in. First fish of the day was on a A-Tom-Mik meat rig down 70'. This was our big fish rig of the day. This rod was unstoppable. Tom Allen was right when he said this was the Go to Rig. Flounder Pounder spoon down 35', Yachtsman Spoon on a Chinook Diver set at 90', and a 300' copper again with Spin-doctor /meat were the consistent producers. We ended the day with 12 keepers. Multiple throw backs around 8-10lbs, handful of shakers as well. Big fish were in the 17-18lb class. Shakers are small kings / Coho that resemble big stock trout. They hit very hard , but do not have the weight to pop the releases. If your gear looks like it took a smack, check it, these little guys wont release much. So to save them and keep your spread in the action check lines and check often. Broke a very large king off a 300' copper right at leader / copper. Best part if any of this was about an hour later, I was up in the tower and saw the same fish swim across the back of the boat....meat rig and Spin-doctor in tow. Shopping event forth coming Saturday nite, early Sunday morning thunder boomers went thru. West -Nw wind 10-15 waves were 1-2. Very comfortable. Cool and overcast on the water. On shore was warm and nice. Wind let down as day progressed.

Browns and cold water
5/19/2018 - Captain D
The LOC was still going on so we decided to try and catch a good brown trout this Saturday. Well the weather man had different plans. Friday was a BIG blow form the NE and pushed in ice water on the beach. We still tried to make the best of it. NO good. Big scratch Zero. Plan B We slid off shore to the 260-280 feet of water, immediately hooked up three kings in no time. Tried to weigh our best one, the digital scale decided it was on strike. Pick up rods and ran back into the harbor to get it weighed. Was a great fish but only 18lbs. Time for lunch !!

Kings and more Kings
5/15/2018 - Captain D
This fishery out of Wilson Harbor is like the Energizer Bunny....keeps on going. Again numerous kings boated. We had a couple severe Thunderstorms with Fire in the Sky blow thru until we dropped lines at 7:30. Set-up was 3 miles west of the Harbor in 140 FOW. Kings on riggers 70 down, 45 down and 110' down. #5 Chinook divers # 2 setting back 125 and 180. Yachtsman spoon and Blue Glow Paddle with Stud Fly. Flounder pounder and Dreamweaver Gold back Martel were hot. 200' copper with a 8" spindoctor and meat did well. Fished until about 1. We were on the search for the adult Bronze Back kings. A lot of 8-15lb fish again. They are full of fire !! Worked 140 to 230 FOW best consistent bite was 160 Wind blew hard NW for about an hour about 8 ish, then laid down to light variable and FOGGY

Mothers Day fishing - Nicky is on LOC Board !!
5/13/2018 - Captain D
Yes it was Mothers day. Yes we fished. Mom had other plans in the morning. Well Salmon fishing remains to be spectacular right now in Wilson NY. We fished a little East of Wilson in 75-85 Feet of water. Fish were still there in Huge numbers. We boated over 30 plus King Salmon and again 8-9 Coho's. Best Bait was a LXD Bay Rat on clean mono and Five color leadcore. Moonshine spoon , Flounder Pounder was silly. We actually left it out the water on a couple occasions to take a break !! Dreamweaver Laser Glow Spook down 30 on rigger and Flounder Pounder was down 22. Water was pea green color was amazing. The Wind started to pickup and honestly the fish got higher. Garmin Panoptix again saved the day spotting the fish changing in the water column. Only two fish on a Spin Doctor A-tom-mik Stud Fly, we ran this down 40. It only took two fish, however this set-up was the STUD of our spread. It brought fish into our lures from the sides, fish would drop to check it out then strike the high riggers. Just because a bait isn't getting hit, doesn't mean its not helping. Again , quality electronics help us figure this out Go Garmin !! My son Nicky caught a 14lb laker for the LOC derby and is on the board !! East North east wind light in am , by 930-10 2-3 ft waves

Lake Ontario
5/12/2018 - Captain D
Well Lake Ontario is nothing short of spectacular right now !! The fishing is about as good as it gets. We had over 30 King Bites a plus an additional dozen or so Coho’s. Spoon’s on the riggers, 14’ , 24’ and 32’ were are best depths. Green was primary color. Dolphin Bones ( Fishusa custom Mag) , Dreamweaver Hot Glo Dolphin was probably second best spoon. #5 Chinook Divers set on a 2 setting one with spoon, one with a Spinny Atommik Fly combo set at 90’ and 120’ out. Bay Rat Lures LXD’s in Cant afford it and Purple Wish were also great. Inlines with clean mono to start until about 9 am, then we re- rigged them with 5 Color leadcore. Fish got deeper as the morning went on. Weather was sunny with light and variable winds. Water color was green and temp ran about 44* to 46* on the Fishhawk. 2.6 mph was best speed. Here is some links to videos on our Garmin 7610 xsv Panoptix…watch the salmon go thru the spread !! Winds light and variable, east northeast when we finished Niagara county NY has great fishing and some other great attractions, The Old Fort Niagara , war of 1812, Niagara falls, numerous wineries, and yes Ladies….Outlet malls !!

Were Back !!
2/28/2018 - Captain D
Hello Everyone, We are back for the attack !! We are launching our new website for Salmon and Walleye fishing. We have taken a few years off for Family and Ocean Monsters out of North Carolina. Drop us a line or throw a like our way on Facebook and Instagram. Right now Steelheads have shown up in some nice numbers on Erie's east side and North side of the bay. Most Anglers have been catching them on minnows, Jigs tipped with grubs and some flies. Presque Isle Bay temps are slowly creeping up, right now we had some 36-38 degree surf temps. Getting really Close for a trolling adventure. Captain D